Simple + affordable + rapid

A serious website built for you by pros.

£40 a month + no setup fee + no contract

Site Simple is a super economical way to help your business thrive. For less than the average phone bill, with no setup fee and no contract, our expert team will build you a tip-top website within a week, giving you a professional online presence and helping you get found online.

So how does it work?

It's pretty damn simple, and we'll be with you every step of the way.
Book a Zoom session

No complicated sign up process here, just book a zoom session with us by clicking the button below and we’ll do it all for you.

Design decisions

We’ll help you make decisions on your website aesthetics. We can work with you to find the perfect website style for your business.

Creating content

Finally we’ll help you decide what you want to say, then leave the rest to us. You’ll have a tip-top website in just a few days time.

What do I get for £40 a month?

A top notch website, built and maintained.

Site Simple is all about providing quality websites to businesses who simply don’t need to spend a fortune on them. We haven’t scrimped on our quality, we’ve simply streamlined our processes. We’ll build you a technically excellent, aesthetically stunning website. All of your content will be displayed on a single page using smart navigation, firing the user up or down the page to the content they choose. Have a look at our recent work.

Who actually builds my site?

Legendary Pros in the UK.

Site Simple is created, built and managed by highly experienced professionals from Portridge in the wonderful North of the United Kingdom. We’re a friendly team of designers just outside Manchester, we’re not some big churning corporation, we’re decent human beings who genuinely care about our clients. We don’t outsource, each Site Simple website is carefully built in-house by us. You can find out more about Portridge here.

Are there any limitations?

Keeping it simple.

The secret to being able to offer top quality websites at this price is simplicity. We’ve packaged together our favourite tech, keeping Site Simple websites ultra fast, with everything you need to present your brand online. Our websites utilise smart, one page navigation with multiple sections, allowing you to display plenty of content, however there are realistic limits. If you need custom integrations, multiple pages, ecommerce functionality or dynamic data, then you’d be better talking to us about a custom development. Visit for more details. 

Will my site work on mobile?

Of course it will.

Over 70% of website traffic is on mobile, so obviously it’s crucial that your website works seamlessly across all devices. Our websites are fully responsive to adapt to any screen as standard.

Can I have a custom domain?

Yes, no problem.

If you’ve already got a domain, great, otherwise just let us know what domain you want and we’ll find it for you. No charge.

What about maintenance?

We've got it nailed.

We don’t just build your site, we take care of it forever. Tip top hosting is included, as is security, backups and maintenance. We run weekly updates on all the bits of tech to make sure they’re always running the latest version, and we’re constantly monitoring all of our clients’ websites, ensuring they are functioning correctly and are secure. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever have any problems, but just in case, we’ve got three layers of backups to call on.

How is the performance?

Lightning fast.

Every site we make is optimised to within an inch of its life. Sonic fast. The key is simplification. We only use code that is absolutely necessary, and the less code we use, the less code needs loading. Also, our servers are absolutely top-drawer. Add all this up and it means your site will be rapid across all devices.

Will I be on Google?

Damn right you will.

Your site will be indexed on Google Search Console, you’ll have your own Google Business listing and we’ll hook you up to Google Analytics too. We’re not a marketing agency so we’d never make you promises about being at the top of page one, but we do make sure you’ve got a great foundation to build on.

What about Social Media?

It's all connected.

Your social accounts will be integrated into your website, any visitors will be able to easily follow you on any social platform you use.

Notices and popups

Whenever you need them.

It’s pretty turbulent at the moment, stay at home, don’t go out, go out but only with one person, don’t go to the pub, go to the pub but ony for a takeaway. We all know how quickly the guidance changes, and we’re ready for it. Any time your business hours or procedures change just let us know and we’ll put a handy popup (click below for an example) on your site so your customers know what the score is.

Don't take our word for it


Case Study

Powershift are a blast cleaning company who do tons of work for councils, transport systems and private clients. They needed a simple way to get their brand online, but felt that having a bespoke website built for several thousand pounds was massive overkill, and using a self-build solution just wasn’t realistic. We built them the perfect site.

"Working with Site Simple was really easy. We'd looked at some self-build website companies like Wix and GoDaddy but we just didn't have the time or experience to do it ourselves. With Site Simple we got exactly what we needed, a professional site that gives us the credibility our clients expect. We've been really happy with the service and would recommend to anyone."

Mike Fielding - Director

So what's the real cost?

£40 a month. Simple as that.

Including VAT. Including hosting. No setup cost. No contract.

The key to our success is simplification. We’ve worked incredibly hard to streamline our processes, meaning we can provide a high quality service for a very reasonable price. Every Site Simple site has an abundance of power and technology, but the simplicity of the system allows us to build your website in lightning speed. Website, hosting, security, backups, no setup cost, no contract, no catches.

Ready to get started?

We'll never rush you...

If you think we’re the right fit for you then we’d be delighted to get started on your project. But if you’re not completely convinced then we’d be happy to have a chat.

You can book a session with us to discuss your website, or if you’ve got some questions before you decide then you can call us on 0161 850 2808 or hit the live chat button below.


These are worrying times for everyone, both in terms of health and of course financially. We are extremely lucky that we are able to maintain the same standard of service from home as from our office, but we are fully aware that not everyone is so fortunate.

It is at times like these that businesses may need to diversify, adapt, even re-invent themselves, whilst navigating a challenging economy. Our sole purpose is to empower existing and new businesses to think positively by providing a high quality, fast and economical way to get online. We’re all in this together, with good spirit and hard work we’ll get through.

We hope you all stay safe and well, best wishes from the Site Simple team.